Welcome at CAD een Idee, dutch phonetic for "I had an idea". You will find information about the CAD activities of Jaap Kramer here.
Jaap has 20 years of experience with using and managing different 2D- and 3D-CAD programs.
A summary:

  • Medusa (2D) CAD user and customization experience
  • Creo Elements/Direct (3D) user and customization experience
  • Creo Direct (3D) user and customization experience
  • Cre/Parametric (3D) user and customization experience
  • Customization of Medusa, Creo Elements/Direct, Creo Parametric (macros, lisp and java tools)
  • Experienced trainer in Creo Elements/Direct and Creo Direct
  • broad experience in engineering; especially in sheet metal and mechanisms, but also in plastic parts
  • broad experience in modeling complex shapes (Surface modeling)

CAD een Idee likes to be in the area between creativity and technique. So: you've got an idea that needs to be translated to a real product? Contact me!

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